Stille Eichen Sanctuary

This ministry is involved in various community organizations and our own outreach ministries.....all focused on benefitting the city and county as well as the population throughout Texas and beyond.  Here are a few of our outreach ministries and community involvement: 

  • LWSM conducts a community Bible Study weekly. This study is for anyone who would like to delve into the Bible and focus on God's teachings. We are presently meeting in the Presbyterian Church in Luling on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm.

  • Outreach is a major component of this ministry.  Involvement in both the Luling Area Ministerial Alliance as well as the Lockhart Ministerial Alliance keeps our eyes and ears and commitment to the community.
  • Prison Ministry involves teaching classes in spiritual life skills, Bible Studies, and religious services as well as spiritual counseling and mentoring.  
  • Members support the mission of both Luling Chamber of Commerce and Lions of America.

  • As charter board members of Luling Animal Welfare Society, we involve ourselves with the welfare of the canine and feline stray animals that are confiscated and taken to the animal pound. After the required quarantine, the animals are vetted totally and put up for adoptions. Since its inception, not one healthy animal has had to be euthanized. LAWS also has done and continues fundraising efforts to build a new shelter. Ground breaking has taken place and the new shelter will be completed by the end of 2011.
Pet Therapy is a major part of all the activities at the Center and in nursing homes.  Animals show unconditional love and acceptance, a piece that is missing in many lives today.  Pet therapists include six donkeys and five dogs, all rescued and are totally socialized to bond with people (especially when carrots and other treats are involved).  

                                        A hard day of therapy

Ears?  Who, us?                             


  • The main focus of LWSM is the development of the whole being in every way as the following  pages will show.

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